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Bristol Bay Resource Solutions offers internships through our multiple service lines. Our internship programs are based around the administrative core of any business: Accounting, Contract Administrative Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Marketing and Communications.

The opportunity to get hands-on, professional mentoring from seasoned professionals creates a stronger and more reliable workforce. This in turn builds better business and results in generous returns for all. In addition, interns acquire an understanding of what is expected of them in a professional corporate culture, as well as working within a subsidiary of an Alaska Native Corporation.

For information about BBRS internship opportunities, contact:

BBRS Human Resources

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Interested in an Internship?

As a shareholder of Bristol Bay Native Corporation, one of the lesser-known benefits is the internship program, where shareholders may apply to gain work experience with BBNC or any of its subsidiary companies.I heard about the BBNC/BBRS internships through Carol Wren with Shareholder Development at BBNC. I was referred to her by BBNC's front desk staff when I called in inquiring about job openings. Carol let me know they have internships available since I was contemplating going to school. I initially applied for an internship in the BBNC Legal Department, since I was seeking a degree in Justice. Carol mentioned that there was also a Communications intern position available at BBRS, so I decided to go for that because communications is another career interest of mine.

Amy Hastings, Marketing and Communications Manager, asked me to come in for an interview. At the interview I was asked about my qualities, past work experience, and why I was interested in the communications field. Amy let me know what the internship would be like and I felt it would be a great fit. I was amazed to hear about a different style of work environment here that I can experience: positive, flexible and where creativity is encouraged. She called me a few days later and offered me the internship. I was very excited. I am glad that everything worked out the way it did. I believe that this internship is a huge stepping stone in my career pursuits and that I will grow from it.

BBNC (including its subsidiaries) places 15 to 20 interns each year. All shareholders and decedents are eligible to apply. Education, experience and goals are factors in determining where the applicant will be placed. BBNC has internships available in Alaska and the Lower 48, and BBNC covers living expenses. Interns are paid, as well. BBRS places three interns per year. The selection process considers previous experience and schooling. The Human Resources Department can be flexible, and primarily looks for previous office experience. In addition to internships in Alaska, BBRS also offers internships in the Lower 48, where travel expenses to and from the location, as well as living expenses and first week of food is covered. Interns are expected to pay for their food once they receive their first paycheck. BBRS provides mentors, who show the interns around the city and ensure they get out and enjoy their time. Rental cars have been provided.

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