Christie Nelson

BBRS Human Resources Intern

Age: 21

Hometown: Ekwok


What Alaskan Native group do you identify with and where are your family and you originally from?

I am Yupik and Aleut and my mom is from Ekwok and Koliganek and my dad is from Naknek.


What are you currently doing, where might you be going to school or what are you studying?

I am currently trying to pay off my UAA stuff so I can go back to UAA. I am not sure exactly what I want to do but I know I want to be in an office. Yeah, I love air conditioning. I was going for small business administration before but I am not sure what I want to go back for, I kind of want to explore a little bit before I make a decision.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to go on nature walks and look at the beautiful environment, especially in the winter time because it’s so white.

How did you first get in contact with the BBRS shareholder internship program?

I first came into contact with this internship program through my aunt, she told me about it and said that they wanted her down in the lower 48 and she said it would be a good way to get out of Alaska.

What specifically have you been learning and working on in the human resources department?

I have been working on and learning stuff about the first couple of steps of the hiring process, different paperwork that needs to be put together for payroll and the things that need to be done for taxes, state taxes and all that stuff, filing and figuring out where everything goes.

What skills do you want to work on improving or gain during your internship?

I would like to work on my communication skills; I want to talk in a professional manner and also my appearance, be able to look like a professional person.

What about your internship can help you achieve your career goals?

I am exploring right now what I want to do exactly because I never knew what the human resources department like in depth what they do, I know you contact them if you want to apply for a job but I guess I am kind of learning more detail about the different departments, how they interact with the other ones and work together as one big corporation business.

Did you have any previous work experience before this internship, if so what type of experience?

Most of my work experience has been as a receptionist, I have worked at Anchorage Museum, Alaska Oncology and Hematology, Nine Star Youth Services and Koahnic Broadcast Corporation, working in the office, front desk and answering phones.

Can you describe your overall experience working here so far?

This has been a very good experience, everyone is really friendly and it is quiet. I like to work independently so it’s been nice to be able to do that and organize the file room.

What are your plans following your internship?

After this internship I will be looking for another full time job, maybe get back into the office experience, maybe apply for the internship program and try to get placed somewhere else. And work on going back to school.

Would you say you are interested in continuing working with BBRS or BBNC based on your experience so far?

Yeah, I would love to work with BBNC and BBRS, it’s a wonderful corporation and business.

What drives you to succeed?

What drives me to succeed, for me it is being able to see goals on a piece of paper, having a map or a plan of how to build things because I don’t like it when things are jumbled or unorganized.

If you could tell future interns anything, what would it be?

They make food on Friday’s. 

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