Hugh Barnett

BBRS Contracts Administration Services Intern

Hometown: Anchorage


What Alaskan Native group do you identify with and where are your family and you originally from?                

I identify with Aleut Alaska Native from Naknek, Alaska.

Our family still does a little subsistence fishing out of Dillingham in Bristol Bay there.

I just graduated with my undergrad, a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy, from UAA and I will hopefully be going to law school somewhere on the West coast UC Davis, Willamette in Oregon, still got to narrow those down and go through the application process.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to get outdoors, hunting, fishing, skiing in the winter time, and a lot of downhill biking in the summer, anything else I can really do outside.

How did you first get in contact with the BBNC shareholder program?

Through the BBNC website there, they have the job availability and I saw the contacts administration on there and just sent in my resume and they called me back.

What is BBRS in your own words, or what do they do?

As far as I know, we work with subcontractors and various contractors throughout the state and country, working with a lot of engineering, land surveying and new construction projects and development. 

What specifically have you been learning and working on in the contracts administration department?

Lately I have been focusing on the engineering regulations for all 50 states, some have different requirements for professional corporations, limited liability corporations and just getting the certain requirements and documents that we need in order to do business and practice business in those states.

What are your main goals you want to achieve during your internship or what skills do you want to work on improving during your internship?

Throughout my internship I am hoping to get a better grasp of the understanding of legal documents and legal writing and getting firsthand experience to build a foundation in preparing myself for law school and a law degree and future profession.




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