Laura Aspelund

Human Resources Intern

1.       Could you please give me your name and what department you are interning for?

Laura Aspelund and I'm interning for HR (Human Resources).

2.       Where might you be going to school and what degree are you going after?

I will be going to UAA (University of Alaska, Anchorage)  and studying biology.

3.       What native culture do you belong to and where are you and/or your family originally from?

My Dad's family, we're from Naknek, and (we are) Suqpiaq, an Aleut/Yup'ik mixture.

4.       How did you first hear about and get in contact with BBRS?

I first heard about BBRS last year when my sister did the internship. I decided I wanted to do an internship with BBNC, and BBRS had an opening.

5.       What prior work experience do you have, if any?

I've been a coach for six years, a soccer coach, and babysitting, not much else.

6.       Is this your first time working with the company?

Yes, my first time working with BBRS.

7.       Can you describe your overall experience working at BBRS so far?

Working at BBRS has been great. It's been good just getting some work experience in an office and seeing how the little things turn out to help the big business. It's been nice meeting new people too.

8.       How was the adjustment process when you first started working with the company?

My first day, I was really nervous and I actually knocked over someone's cup of water on their keyboard. It was really awkward and a total intern nervous moment, but after a while I just got used to it. Used to being comfortable with the file room and everything, how it all works here, and meeting people.  Just being acquaintances instead of like someone you don't know, it's been good.

9.       What specifically have you been learning and working on within your department?

With HR I've been working on files and getting them organized, data entry, and just dealing with some of the older files and getting them updated and organized. It's great!

10.   How has your relationship with your co-workers been so far in your internship?

It's been great, I've met most of them kind of. The office administrator is really nice and Charlene is great. They're really helpful and they're there for you and really nice so that's a plus. They all know my sisters, different sisters, which is really weird. Ross, the office administrator, worked with my sister at Kakivik.  Small world.

11.   How has your experience been in comparison to how you pictured it? Is it different or similar?

Well, I didn't really know what to expect because I haven't worked in an office or done any internships or anything. I have my own desk, I didn't expect that. Really awesome people and a good work atmosphere.

12.   What is the most unique thing you have learned about BBRS?

I find it interesting that everyone that works here are fully involved with all the customers and employees that they work with and they remember names they can recall. They’ve all been working here for so long and they're all like a big family and it's just cool to see… connected there.

13.   What are your plans following the end of the internship? (education, job, grad date)

The end of the internship is three days before college starts so college shopping probably. UAA whooo! Very exciting.

14.   Would you say you are interested in continuing working with either BBRS or BBNC based on your experience so far? If so, why?

Yes, I would be interested in continuing working with BBNC or BBRS, because it is a great opportunity for shareholders. It’s cool to see different parts of the company, that I am a shareholder of, and seeing how they are promoting the business.

15.   Do you have any advice for future interns?

Just have fun, find the little things to enjoy. Sometimes a task can be monotonous or tedious, but just see the big picture.


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