Rachelle Griffitts

BBRS Marketing and Communications Intern

Age: 21

Hometown: Ekwok

Student at University of Alaska, Anchorage, working toward a Bachelor's Degree.


June 24, 2015

1.       To begin, could you please give me your name and age and where you might be going to school? My name is Rachelle Griffitts and I work in the Communications Department with BBRS. My experience working here so far has been very interesting and different than what I am used to. I am free to be creative and I feel like this working environment fits me best and you are free to get your work done and it’s not so uptight, and I love that. Everybody knows what they have to do and people aren’t stressing you out.


2.       Where are you and/or your family originally from? I am Yup'ik eskimo from Ekwok, Alaska. I participate in a lot of Yup'ik culture activities, including taking hot steam baths, which are called maqis, and eating a lot of native food. Doing traditional subsistence activities, as well as learning to speak Yup'ik.


3.       How did you first hear about and get in contact with BBRS? How I first got into contact with the BBRS internship program was with Carol Wren in Shareholder Development with BBNC.


4.       What department are you interning for? Communications Department.


5.       How has your relationship with your co-workers been so far in your internship? I am happy to come in and be able to learn something. I actually learn something because my coworkers take the time to teach me things that I do not know and that I can use later on in life. They give you the instruction that you need to do your job and they support my cultural lifestyle.


6.       What are your plans following the end of the internship? My internship will help me achieve my goals in many way by giving me skills that I can’t find while going to college and giving me the experience in office setting so that I will be prepared when I go looking for my dream job.


7.       Do you have any advice for future interns? I recommend other interns to work here at BBRS because it is a great place to work. They have wonderful people and are very professional and they care about their interns.


8.       Anything else you want to talk about? What I like to do for fun is do anything outdoors. I like to play with my daughter, we do all kinds of things that she likes to do. I like to go four wheeling, camping, fishing, doing my traditional native cultural activities, and hang out with good friends. And go on a lot of walks.


9.       What drives you to succeed? What drives me to succeed is that I enjoy giving my all to whatever I am doing, it gives me deep satisfaction. And also, what is really important is the support I get from the community and my corporation, as well as the people who believe in me and my potential. And since I have been at BBRS I have been able to showcase my ability and skills, as well as work on my weak areas, and that is making me a well-rounded person and helping me to succeed in whatever pursuits I have.


See this slideshow on Rachelle's trip to Ekwok for subsistence fishing. 

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