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BBRS Internship Opportunities

Bristol Bay Resource Solutions offers internships through our multiple service lines. Our internship programs are based around the administrative core of any business: Accounting, Contract Administrative Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Marketing and Communications.

The opportunity to get hands-on, professional mentoring from seasoned professionals creates a stronger and more reliable workforce. This in turn builds better business and results in generous returns for all. In addition, interns acquire an understanding of what is expected of them in a professional corporate culture, as well as working within a subsidiary of an Alaska Native Corporation.

For information about BBRS internship opportunities, contact:

BBRS Human Resources


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Meet the BBRS Contract Admin 2015 Intern!

Hugh Barnett is from Anchorage. His family is originally from Naknek, Alaska, and his grandmother’s name is Alma Anderson. Hugh works in the Contract Administrative Services Department. During his internship, he will be doing legal writing, research, and looking up state regulations and codes for professional project engineers. 

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Meet the BBRS Human Resources 2015 Intern!

Christie Nelson is from Ekwok, Alaska, and is a part of the William Sonny Nelson and Julia Brandon family. Christie works in the Human Resources Department, where she does filing and data entry. She plans to get the whole file room in order. When asked what she looks forward to the most about her internship, Christie said, “Do a good job, make a good impression, and have that positive work experience.”

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Interested in an Internship?

As a shareholder of Bristol Bay Native Corporation, one of the lesser-known benefits is the internship program, where shareholders may apply to gain work experience with BBNC or any of its subsidiary companies.I heard about the BBNC/BBRS internships through Carol Wren with Shareholder Development at BBNC. I was referred to her by BBNC's front desk staff when I called in inquiring about job openings.

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Rachelle's Role in the Intern Bio Project

The main project I will be working on is the Intern Bio Project. I will see this project from start to finish and learn about the creative process. We will spotlight our BBRS interns with an interview at the beginning and end of their internships. I will be learning how to film, edit videos, and reach the public through social media to encourage shareholder hire. This in itself makes me happy. I feel like our shareholders are valuable people that would be a huge asset to this company and any company. Since we live in a business-driven economy, it is beneficial to know how to work in the professional world, and at the same time, maintain our culture. Our culture is who we are; without it we are lost. I am all for keeping our culture strong, and at the same time getting an education and gaining work experience. If I can do this so can you --you are more than capable. We are more than we see ourselves. I am proud to be Alaska Native!

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