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Employee Spotlight

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Yvonne Huber

Director of Finance and Accounting/Controller


In one sentence, describe what you do all day: I manage the finance and accounting functions for 15 subsidiaries of Bristol Bay Native Corporation.

How my job helps BBRS succeed: My job ensures the companies I am responsible for are financially compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Internal Revenue Service code and the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Alaska Anchorage, Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting from the George Washington University School of Business, working on a Master of Business Administration at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Work experience: Started work for Bristol Environmental and Engineering Services Corporation (now Bristol Engineering Services Corporation) in May 2003 as accounting manager and supervisor of accounting staff. Was promoted to controller.

In October 2005, was transferred to Bristol Industries, LLC, as controller. Was transferred to BBRS in January 2013.

Previously worked as accounting manager for Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, Inc., and as accounting specialist III for First National Bank of Anchorage (now First National Bank of Alaska).

Family: Husband Jim who is the best, 18-year-old daughter Randilyn (goes to cosmetology school in Lewiston, Idaho), 28-year-old step-son Gabe (in the Air Force stationed in Baltimore, Md.), 5-year-old grandson Lennon, an 11-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Stubby and a 9-year-old Blue Chihuahua named LuLu.

Hometown:  Port Hueneme, Calif.

How I made my first dollar: I received an allowance of $1 a week from my parents for doing chores. I can still remember vividly when I saved up $20 and lost it in the store when I was 10 years old; lesson learned.

Favorite book:  Harry Potter series.

Something most people don’t know about me:  I have an identical twin named Yvette who is a microbiologist and my best friend. We built houses in the same neighborhood and were born in Italy, but aren’t Italian.

The best advice I ever received from my parents (or mentor) that helped me later in life: Mistakes are good, as long as you learn from them (my Dad). 

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