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Employee Spotlight

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Beth Poisson

Contracts Administration Manager, Contract Administration Services


In one sentence, describe what you do all day: I help customers understand and follow the terms and conditions of their contracts and assist in ensuring subcontractors follow our terms and conditions.

How my job helps BBRS clients succeed: Helping customers understand their contractual requirements and assisting with the administration of the requirements lets them focus on their project scope, schedule and budget.

Education/work experience: I have 14 years in government contracting, including simplified acquisition of base engineering requirements, job order contracting and multi-million dollar military construction projects.

Hobbies: Reading, camping, fishing, archery and cooking

Family: Husband Gregg, and two sons Carter 10, and Reece 8.
Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Famous quote to live by:  “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” ― Benjamin Franklin

How I made my first dollar: Babysitting.

Favorite lunch spot:  Fire Island Bakery and Café, it is a short walk from the office!

The strangest thing I’ve ever seen: Nothing really surprises me anymore.

Something most people don’t know about me: I’m a pretty good shot with a pistol and getting better with a bow.

The best advice I ever received from my parents (or mentor) that helped me later in life:

The best advice I’ve received was from my first boss in the construction business, who said, “Anything can happen, its construction.” Basically, what separates the good projects from the bad is planning and being in the best possible shape when trouble hits. Do it right the first time.   


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