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Employee Spotlight

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Niel Smith

Director of Information Technology, IT


In one sentence, describe what you do all day: Match the right technology to meet business needs.
How my job helps BBRS clients succeed: People need reliable and timely access to information to do their jobs. My job is to make sure it’s available as much as possible and continually look for new ways to make access easier, faster and more meaningful.
Education/work experience: Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University with secondary education teaching certificate. Certified Microsoft engineer and instructor, ITIL 3 certified (industry “best practice” certification), 17 years in IT. 
Hobbies: Travel, kayaking, hiking and 
home technology. 
Family: Partner, Tiffany, with a blend of related and inherited children in the house, including my daughter, Sarah, who was a BBRS communications intern a couple of years ago.
Hometown: Dillingham.
Famous quote to live by:
“King is the man who can.”
How I made my first dollar: Commercial 
fishing with my family. The first year I made $75 for the season.
Favorite lunch spot: 
Sushi and Sushi in Anchorage.
Something most people don’t know about me: 
My brothers and I all learned to ride a unicycle. We didn’t think anything of it, but it must have been quite unique to see all five of us dressed up in commercial fishing gear riding through the cannery boardwalks down to the docks.
The best advice I ever received:
A former supervisor taught me to address situations with, “What can I do about it?” not “Somebody messed up.” If you see a problem, offer suggestions how to fix it. People are more capable than they think.

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