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Beating the Winter Blues

With the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere, shorter days are a drain on the body’s natural emotional balancers. But there are a few things you can do to enhance your environment and increase your positive mood levels:

· Go for a walk – adding exercise and sunlight to your daily routine will greatly increase your ability to fight off depression. Even 30 minutes of fresh air and a change of scenery can alter your perspective.

· Volunteer – showing kindness and empathy for others is a great way to put things into a positive mindset. It will improve your sense of self-worth, and give someone in need the help that keeps them going as well.

· Foster a house pet – companionship is a great way to stay connected and supply warm feelings during the cold months. There are many foster groups around the country, and too many animals that need temporary homes.

·Take a class – painting, yoga, foreign languages – furthering your education keeps you occupied and improves your state of mind.

·Go on vacation- obviously, if it is winter here, then it is summer in the southern hemisphere. The world is not nearly as big as it once was, and a trip to tropical paradise can be both rewarding and inspirational. Travel is a great way to enrich your knowledge of what it means to be human, and often will give you appreciation for your home.

De-stressing During the Holidays

The holiday season is a festive time filled with cheer and joy, family and friends, and the inevitable anxiety of a hectic schedule. How do you keep your cool when things heat up? Here are a few tips:

- Don’t try to multi-task. Our minds are not wired to concentrate on more than one thing at once, so if you need to get something done correctly the first time, allow yourself to focus on that.

- Make a list. They say Santa has one, why shouldn’t you? You can’t be expected to remember every little thing, so save yourself some time and write things down.

- Take one day at a time. Planning ahead will obviously make things easier when it gets down to the wire, but knowing to plan ahead for holiday activities will give you the time to actually enjoy them.

- Share the load. Don’t try and do it all yourself, the season is meant for sharing and enjoying each other’s company. Allow the people around you to help as needed, and don’t try to micromanage them.

- Remember to enjoy yourself. If you are ignoring your own need for relaxation, then you may find it difficult to fully enjoy the festivities and what makes this time of year so special.

The Holidays Have Arrived!

The holidays are here, and that means official office get-togethers. At BBRS, we’ve planned a few events, including a bake sale and other fund-raising drives, as well as well as a potluck and holiday party.

Office parties are good social events, ways to reward employees and raise morale.

Can’t do an office party? Check out these 10 alternatives.

Workplace Leaders

Change your perspective on business and management with these must-see TED Talks videos for aspiring leaders.

Remember, as a leader, you have a direct impact on the health of your work environment. BBRS President and CEO Terri Bozkaya offers four steps to creating a positive workplace.

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