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Scheduling Meetings

Meetings don’t have to be a chore. Check out these eight ways to turn a boring meeting into a success, from Entrepreneur.

The first step to those great meetings starts with making sure everyone is there – and doing that with a single invitation! See BBRS’ how-to video for using Outlook’s scheduling assistant to organize your gathering – with only one email!

A World of Diversity, a Culture of Respect

 HR managers are taking a new approach to diversity, bringing attention to more subtle forms of discrimination, referred to as micro-aggression, according to Human Resource Executive.

At BBRS, we have worked to develop a diverse workforce and a culture of respect in our workplace. See our video.

Etiquette in The Workplace

Good manners matter in business as in life. See these 10 business etiquette rules you need to master.

On the flip side, check out BBRS’ Field Guide to the Common Office Disruptors to learn how to spot poor etiquette and how to approach these dastardly interrupters. 

2016 Marketing for your company

Kick off 2016 the right way for your business! BBRS’ Marketing and Communications team is ready to help you develop and deploy the right strategy for your needs. We have creative, experienced professionals ready to help your business succeed.

See our website for more information and samples of what we can do for you.

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