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Internship Opportunities at BBRS

It’s January, but it’s not too early to think about summer internship opportunities. BBRS offers many opportunities for great internships through our multiple service lines. Are you – or someone you know – seeking to learn from the best administrative services company ever?

Check out our internship pages on the BBRS website. Hear from our past interns about their recent experiences at BBRS.


Resolutions for 2016


The holidays are officially over, and it’s time to focus on those resolutions you made heading into the new year: eat healthier, exercise more, etc. Did you make resolutions to improve your work life in 2016? Check out our Thought Leadership archive for some ideas on how to improve the workplace through actions such as better communications, work-life balance and mentoring.

Here are some ideas for your personal work life, from Monster.com. 



Holiday Tipping

Wondering about the standard tip for the holidays? Here are some guidelines for gifts and gratuities for those non-family members who are important in your life.

Newspaper carrier: the equivalent of one month’s subscription. Can include when you pay your bill.

Gift wrapper: $1 or $2 per package

Day care staff: gift or cash tip of about $35, and a handmade gift from your child

Assistant: a gift or gift card worth at least $50, depending on your postion in the company and the assistant’s length of service. Avoid anything too personal, such as perfume or clothing.

Boss: a simple gift. Talk to coworkers to see if they’d like to chip in for a gift card.

Teacher: don’t spend more than $25, assuming the school allows gifts. Gift cards for a book store, coffee shop are nice.

Mail carrier: small gift or gift card for about $20. Anything more is prohibited by the USPS.

Babysitter: equal to one or two nights’ pay.


The Benefits of Mentoring

Developing a positive mentoring program within your company provides your employees with new inspiration and the wisdom of experience. BBRS President and CEO Terri Bozkaya addresses the importance of mentoring in the workplace in her article: Mentoring: The value of corporate ‘elders’.


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